Next issue LESIJ (no. XIX, vol. 2/2012)

LESIJ no. XIX, vol. 2/2012 will contain the following contributions:
Radu SLĂVOIU, Criminal Protection of Private Life
Norel NEAGU, General Principles of EU (Criminal) Law: Legality, Equality, Non-discrimination, Specialty and Ne Bis in Idem in the Field of the European Arrest Warrant
Vasile NEMEŞ, Bank Guarantees
Antonio Maria MARZOCCO, Michele NINO, The EU Directive on Mediation in Civil and Commercial Matters and the Principle of Effective Judicial Protection
Cristian GHEORGHE, New Concepts in Romanian Private Law: the Enterprise
Oana-Mihaela SALOMIA, The Role of the European Union Charter of Fundamental Rights in the New European Context
Valentina BĂRBĂŢEANU, The Influence of the Constitutional Jurisdictions on the Basic Laws
Cristina SIMA, Cătălina BONCIU, Marius BULEARCĂ, Gheorghe MARINESCU, New Relations Between Natural Resources and Industry in a Globalized World Economy
Andreea Paula DUMITRU, Considerations Concerning Accounting Informations and Accounting Decisions and their Implications in Business Management
Mariana GURĂU, Maria Zenovia GRIGORE, Comparative Study on Accounting and Fiscal Amortization
Ioana-Julieta JOSAN, The Relationship Between the Cost of Education and the Human Capital. The Alignement of Romania to the European Standards
Gheorghe ORZAN, Otilia-Elena PLATON, Consumer Opinions Towards Online Marketing Communication and Advertising on Social Networks
Valentina VASILE, Active Ageing and Reforming Pension System. Main Challenges