LESIJ, included in ROAD Directory

We are happy to inform you that the Lex ET Scientia International Journal has been included in the ROAD Directory (https://road.issn.org), international catalogue of scientific publications open access, administered by the International Centre ISSN, under the aegis of UNESCO.

 For more information regarding this catalogue and the ISSN services available, please visit the above mentioned website or the ISSN section available on the website of the National Library of Romania (www.bibnat.ro).

Study withdrawn

We inform you that, following an intimation sent to the journal by Mrs. Chiara Amalfitano, professor of European Union Law at the University of Milan, the Ethics Commission of the University “Nicolae Titulescu” established that the study “Legal basis and ‘transversal’ interpretation of the ultimate reforms of the European Union jurisdictional system”, published by Mr. Dimitris Liakopoulos in LESIJ no. 2/2018, presents substantial takeovers from the study “La recente proposta di riforma dello Statuto della Corte di giustizia dell’Unione europea: molti dubbi e alcuni possibili emendamenti”, published in Italian by the author of the intimation in the journal Federalismi, September 2018. Also the Ethics Commission established that the author claimed, Mr Dimitris Liakopoulos, had published the study under false academic affiliation. In this context, the Ethics Commission recommended withdrawing the study mentioned in the contents of LESIJ Journal no. 2/2018, recommendation to which the editorial board acquiesced. At the same time, the decision to withdraw the study in question was communicated to the databases in which LESIJ is indexed.

Additionally, the Ethics Commission has decided to withdraw the second study published by Mr. Dimitris Liakopoulos in the Lex ET Scientia International Journal issue no. 1/2020 – “Minorities Protection After the Resolution of European Parliament of 13 November 2018”.

On this occasion, we express once again our firm commitment to the values of correctness and strict observance of the deontology of scientific research.