Call for Papers for PhD Students

The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Law of the West University of Timisoara, the European Center for Legal Studies and Research and the West University Foundation will organize the International Conference of Doctoral Students in Law, XI-th edition, in Timişoara, on June 21, 2019.

The purpose of organizing this event is to stimulate the capitalization of the scientific research of PhD students and law students, facilitating the publication of the results of the research activity, as well as establishing collaboration relations between the faculties and the doctoral schools to which the participants are registered.

PhD students from Romanian and foreign law faculties are expected to attend the conference.

The volume of the conference, including PhD students, will be published in a prestigious legal publishing house, which will guarantee its high scientific and graphic outlook and be given to the participants at the event. At the same time, the volume will be transmitted by the organizers to all faculty libraries from which the authors come from.

Works can be written in Romanian or English. The papers submitted for publication by PhD students must be scientifically endorsed by their PhD supervisors. The organizers do not require formal proof in this respect but will be able to contact the PhD supervisor at any time to request information on the quality of the work.

For registration, please follow the link (in the lower part of the webpage).